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Health Programme

Concern Health Promoter, Princia Irebanda, teaches good hygiene practice to children in the
village of Boyali in the Central African Republic. Photo by Kieran McConville, Central African Republic,

We believe that we all have the right to good nutrition and healthcare. Tackling health issues is absolutely vital in the fight against hunger and extreme poverty. Many people living in poverty regularly experience health problems.

Whether it's preventing malaria, treating malnutrition, making childbirth safer or helping people living with HIV & AIDS, our health programmes are making a vital difference in some of the world's poorest countries. Last year, we directly and indirectly helped to improve the health of approximately 11 million people. Over six million were female.

A gift of a Mosquito Net (€10) can help protect vulnerable children from malaria or a Bicycle Ambulance (€100) could help people access medical care quickly and safely.

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