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School Starter Kit

School Starter Kit

All the essentials to kick off a life-changing education


Helping children access education is one of the best things you can do for them. It can change the course of their future and give them the chance of a better life. The most basic supplies are often the most vital but many children in vulnerable communities can't afford them. This gift can give eight children the pencils, notebooks and other items they need to do their schoolwork.

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With this gift your recipient receives either an e-card or a postal card.

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How Gifts Work

How Gifts Work

School Starter Kit gift in action

Jennifer Nolan, Kenya, 2017

Kabale Halkamo from Kenya received a back to school kit including books, soap, solar lamps, uniform, shoes, school supplies and sanitary towels from Concern Worldwide. Thanks to this gift, Kabale, and other teenage girls like her, can continue to attend school and ensure that she has the education necessary to achieve her dreams for the future.

This gift goes towards our Education programme.