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Mosquito Net

Mosquito Net

A net that can save lives


Mosquito nets are a simple but effective way of protecting against malaria- keeping mosquitoes at bay and enabling a family to sleep safe and sound.

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How Gifts Work

How Gifts Work

Mosquito Net gift in action

Kieran McConville, South Sudan, 2016

The diseases the mosquitos carry can have potentially lethal consequences, especially for people already weakened by illness and malnutrition. Aweng Aken, from South Sudan, and her 10-month-old daughter, Adut Ayii Garang, were given a mosquito net, among other items, at a Concern health centre to help protect them from preventable disease and illness. Thanks to this gift, Aweng and her daughter can go to bed each night safe in the knowledge that they are protected.

This gift goes towards our Health programme.