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Five Rabbits

Five Rabbits

The gift that multiplies


Rabbits have a habit of multiplying, and that makes them a great resource. Five rabbits like these will soon become fifty-five, and the income they bring will help a family feed, clothe and educate their own little ones. Hoppy days!

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How Gifts Work

How Gifts Work

Five Rabbits gift in action

Jennifer Nolan, Malawi, 2016

This rabbit may be small but he could be life-changing. Until recently Charles Yamikani's family had very little and ate just once a day. But since receiving rabbits from Concern, their gift has multiplied so they now have well over a hundred rabbits! Whenever the family is running low on food, or need to pay for school fees, they can sell some rabbits at market. This income means that the family never has to go hungry.

This gift goes towards our Livelihoods programme.