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Each gift supports one of our four programmes Each gift supports one of our four programmes. You can decide which programme to support – education, emergencies, health and livelihoods.



Loveable all-terrain transport



Funnily enough, the humble donkey has often been called a beast of burden. In fact, its role has helped lighten the load for many families by carrying water, fuel and crops for long distances, over the roughest ground.

Donkey gift in action

Concern Worldwide, South Sudan, 2012

Owning a donkey means El Geneina, pictured, can finally farm a lot more much needed food for his family. He said: "Since using the donkey it has been much better. I can cultivate a bigger area of land. I used to use a meloda (traditional hoe) which took me a long time. Now I can do half a crop in a day with the donkey. I used to have a cart which I used the donkey for too, but now I don't have the cart anymore. When I used the meloda my harvest would be three sacks of sorghum. Now I have doubled it to six sacks of sorghum. It's still not enough to feed my family of six children but its better. We also have problems when the rain is delayed and the crops are bad. Thanks to the donkey and the plough I can send my children to school, my wife will cultivate and I will fish to get enough money for uniforms."

This gift goes towards our Livelihoods programme.

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