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Education Programme

Students in Komokomo Primary School receive their school uniforms from Concern. Photo: Jennifer Nolan/Concern Worldwide/Tanzania/2012
Al-Amin and Sharif at the Karwanbazar Pavement Dweller Centre in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Photo by: Jennifer Nolan, Concern Worldwide, March 2014

There can be no greater gift than the gift of an education. Thanks to you, last year our education programmes benefited 2.2 million children, with over 50% being female. A School Pack (€26) or School Fees (€16) can give children a proper chance at getting the education they deserve and a route out of poverty. With the gift of School Lunches (€25) you can ensure children can focus on their learning instead of being hungry. Or how about something really special - help Build a Classroom (€1000) and give children the space, facilities and resources they need to learn and thrive.

These make great gifts for family, friends and teachers!

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