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Wubalem Telemos, Zinanash Telemos and Aynalem Marcho during a class on nutrition and health in Wolayita zone, Southern Nations, nationalities and Peoples Regional State (SNNPRS) Ethiopia. Photo: Kim Haughton, 2013.

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  • Thomas Vincent Maylinga (53) and Kaleta Sharaba Kabika (47) are very happy to have received their joint Land certificate. Photo: Jennifer O Gorman, Itumbiko, Kibondo, Kigoma Region, Tanzania, 2012. €2500...Having clear legal ownership of your land is important in any country, but in some countries this right is exploited and landowners are denied rights and access to their land. This gift could provide land rights to 100 vulnerable people in Uganda to help them secure the land that belongs to them, bringing security, hope and respect to their lives.
  • Bhati Manda (second from left) assists some of her group members during a meeting of their Village Savings & Loan group. Photo: Matthew Writtle, Malawi 2013.€650...This gift could provide 3 start-up kits for a club scheme (stationery, record books, lock up box for safe keeping of club records) together with staff training and coordination. The savings scheme would then enable vulnerable families in Malawi to start saving and borrowing money to buy basic necessities for day to day survival and in some cases, start up a new business venture. Village savings provide club members the opportunity to save and borrow flexibly as they need, and make attractive profits on their savings.

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