Sahara Hassan (13), a student at Jabuti School in Mogadishu, which is supported by Concern Worldwide. This is her first year of formal education. Photo:  Kieran McConville 2014

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  • Children from the streets of Dhaka sleeping at one of the centres run by Concern. Photo:  Marc Turner 2010


    Up to 50,000 people sleep on the streets of Dhaka, Bangladesh many of whom are children who have spent their whole lives on the street. Every night holds danger for them as they face the risk of being abducted. This gift could keep a centre in Dhaka for street children open 24 hours for 6 nights providing safety for up to 100 children.
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  • A student at Jabuti school in Mogadishu, which is supported by Concern Worldwide. Photo: Kieran McConville, 2014


    Learning can be the key to a new life, but without proper classrooms, many children in poor communities struggle to get the education they need. This gift will build five classrooms to provide durable surroundings to keep pupils safe and dry while desks and chairs will mean a more comfortable and effective experience for reading and writing.
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