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  • 18 month old Mazida Dabdon was brought to the Centre de Sante Integre, Mogheur village with a high temperature and was found to be malnourished. Mazida was treated with therapeutic food, an energy dense peanut paste rich in nutrients and her health improved. Photo: Jennifer O Gorman, Tahoua, Niger 2012. €250...Children facing malnutrition need good food, fast. This gift could provide 250 sachets of therapeutic food, full of the vitamins and nutrients an underweight child needs to regain their health. And the sachets can be taken home, meaning children and parents don't have to spend months away from home at a treatment centre.
  • Solar lights help solve many problems for people in the worlds poorest countries€5000...This gift could provide hand held solar lights to 1000 children in Burundi. Access to electricity can be very difficult and sometimes impossible in the world's poorest countries. With a life-span of three years and small enough to fit into a shirt pocket, a solar light solves many problems. It lowers household spend on lighting and helps children to study better and do their homework when it's dark. It also means that children don't have to breathe the toxic fumes that come from standard kerosene lamps.

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