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Vegetable Pack

Vegetable Pack

Seeds and tools to grow healthy vegetables


A regular source of safe, quality and nutritious food is so important to keeping families healthy. This gift could buy one vegetable pack with seeds, insecticides, fertiliser and a small sprayer - everything someone needs to grow vegetables on a small plot. Any surplus can then be sold to earn a little extra money.

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How Gifts Work

How Gifts Work

Vegetable Pack gift in action

Paulina Sampson showing the seeds she received from Concern called Tephrozia seeds. They are used for mulching in conservation agriculture. Photo: Jennifer O Gorman, Tanzania 2012.

Paulina and her husband Wilson received organic fertilising seeds for their quarter of an acre of land in Twabagondozi village, Tanzania. Her land's fertility and crop production have now increased. Before, Paulina used to get 5kg of maize; now she can get between 80-100kg from the same plot of land. The crops grown are eaten by her family and any surplus is sold on to buy other food items, household goods and school materials for her children.

This gift goes towards our Livelihoods programme.