About us

Class 3 are hard at work at Baptist Primary School, Sierra Leone. Photo: Michael Duff, Sierra Leone, 2014

Concern Gifts are the alternative gifts offering from Concern Worldwide

Concern has been working with the world’s poorest people for over 40 years. When you buy a Concern Gift you support our work in 27 of the world’s poorest countries – bringing food, clean water, good health, education and a higher standard of living within reach of more people. In 2015 Concern Worldwide helped over 22.5 million people. Our work is paying off, but there is still a lot to do. You can join in this work by purchasing a Concern Gift that will provide opportunity and hope to the people who need it most. Together, we can empower people around the world with our gifts.

Rudolph vs. Donkey

Our short, fun video shows why the humble donkey is a gift that many people around the world wish for.

How do Gifts help?

Each gift contributes to one of our key areas of work – education, emergencies, health and livelihoods. Look through each programme to see how your gift could help and where your money would go.

Whatever gift you choose, you can be completely confident that the gift you buy today will make a big difference to the lives of people and communities. We couldn’t do any of this work without kind hearted people like you. To find out more about the work we do go to www.concern.net.